Da Volterra Announces Results of a Study Showing the Clinical and Economic Impact of CDIs in French Hospitals

18 July 2017

Da Volterra is pleased to announce today the results from a retrospective study on the epidemiology and costs of Clostridium difficile infections in French hospitals. The study shows that the total costs attributable to Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) in hospitalized patients were estimated at 115.7M€ for the French national health insurance (Assurance Maladie) in 2014.

Da Volterra annonce aujourd’hui la publication d’une étude rétrospective sur l’épidémiologie et le coût des infections à Clostridium difficile (ICD) dans les hôpitaux français. L’étude montre que le coût total des infections à Clostridium difficile chez les patients hospitalisés s’élève à 115,7 M€ en 2014 pour l’Assurance Maladie.

To read the full press release in English please visit here.

The press release is also available in French.