Current Partnerships

DA VOLTERRA officially joined the COMBACTE-NET consortium in November 2016 and took the lead of Work Package 7.

Work Package 7 of COMBACTE-NET is entitled ANTICIPATE: AssessmeNT of the Incidence of Clostridium difficile Infections in hospitalized Patients on Antibiotic TrEatment (ANTICIPATE). It is an observational, prospective, cohort study of patients receiving antibiotic treatment during hospitalization. The aim of ANTICIPATE is to estimate the incidence of Clostridium difficile infections (CDI), antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD) and changes in the diversity and composition of the intestinal microbiota.

BIOASTER and DA VOLTERRA signed an agreement to initiate a research partnership based on the novel economic model of Technology Research Institute (TRIs).

The project, entitled DACCAR, (Destroy Antibiotics in Colon to Combat Antibiotic Resistance), aims to develop an innovative product limiting the emergence of multi-resistant bacteria in patients treated with antibiotics to protect the intestinal microbial flora from antibiotics side effects.
Thus, using a DACCAR product would result in minimizing the nosocomial infections burden and maintaining effectiveness  of antibiotics (noteworthy carbapenems) by reducing the spread of antibiotic resistance.




Da Volterra is a partner of the COMBACTE-CDI consortium which started in November 2017.  The project
aims to develop a detailed understanding of the epidemiology and clinical impact of Clostridium difficile
infection across Europe. The ultimate goal is to contribute to improved treatment options for patients suffering from
such infections that are responsible for extensive morbidity, mortality and health care costs.