Company Overview

Da Volterra is a privately-held biotechnology company, headquartered in Paris, France. The company was created in 2000 by Professor Antoine Andremont whose research is dedicated to understanding the impact of antibiotics on the intestinal flora. He is one of the most renowned thought leaders in the field of antibiotic resistance and a pioneer in conceiving strategies to tackle antibiotic resistance at the root.

Breakthrough Innovations

Antibiotics are a precious resource that should be preserved – Da Volterra works to sustain their effectiveness for today and future generations. Its goal is to develop and commercialize ingenious healthcare solutions to treat the most life-threatening infectious diseases as well as to control the emergence of resistance to antimicrobials.

Da Volterra is mastering a set of technologies, preclinical models and pharmaceutical know-hows to turn its drug candidates into the most-needed tools for physicians. It has a strong expertise in microbiology, drug delivery, preclinical and clinical development of antibacterials.

Based upon the excellence of its research and the expertise of its academic and industrial partners, Da Volterra is developing a unique portfolio of proprietary products to fight bacterial infections. The pipeline of the company applies to both Human and Veterinary Health. It comprises products spanning a variety of applications related to infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance containment. The company’s most advanced product - DAV132 - has started clinical development in early 2013. In addition, the intense research effort in discovery programs promises to yield next-generation compounds to combat multi-resistant infectious diseases.

With its unique mode of action, DAV132 is an oral product to be co-administered with any antibiotic treatment in order to protect patients from intestinal microbiota damage resulting from the use of those antibiotics. The antibiotics induced disruption of the microbiota is associated with the deadly C.difficile infections that causes death in one out of eleven cases. Da Volterra is the only company worldwide developing a preventative solution that protects the intestine, from all antibiotic treatments, either given orally or intravenously.

An Accomplished Team Keen to Innovate

Da Volterra currently employs 25 people at its Parisian headquarters. The team is composed of seasoned executives and experienced scientific staff of 15 medical doctors, pharmacists and researchers. Da Volterra pays a special attention to its co-workers’ motivation and adhesion to the company project, every person at Da Volterra is highly dedicated to develop innovative strategies to tackle antimicrobial resistance.

Over the years, the company has built a comprehensive network of specialists, key-opinion leaders and experts in the field of drug development, infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance that complements the in-house work force.

A Strong Intellectual Property for a Strong Growth

Since its inception, Da Volterra  has paid a particular attention to its Intellectual Property, nurturing a still growing portfolio of patents. More than 15 patent applications are defended worldwide and 108 patents have been issued so far. Each of these patents represents the company’s commitment to deliver innovative and efficient products to patients and physicians worldwide.